Innovative Way Of Making Decorative Items Utilizing Banana Fibers


Farmer’s Profile


Age: 55 years

Education level: Secondary

Address: Jharnapani Village,Medziphema Block, Dimapur,Nagaland

Mobile number: 8732062243


Banana pseudo-stems are generally wasted after harvesting the fruit, which otherwise canbe easily utilized for many purposes including extraction of fiber. The fibers so extractedhave very good demand in textile industries. Noune Kro, a Self Helf Group from Jharnapanivillage, Dimapur district of Nagaland came up with an innovative idea of making decorativeitems utilizing the banana fibers. KVK, Dimapur had helped this group by giving them handson training on dyeing of the fibers and preparation of various decorative items.


The Extraction process involves the belowstep:

ƒ Sheath preparation

The pseudostem should be cut into 4-5inches breadth having the length of 7-8feet. The length of pseudostem may varydepending on the need of fiber length. Thecut pseudostems should be used within 48hours after cutting and the cut-open sheathshave to be processed on the same day.

ƒ Extraction

The cut pseudostems are divided into piecesand inserted into the machine for fiberextraction. Once the fiber is extracted it needsto be washed thoroughly with clean water toremove the dirt and pieces of pseudostems.

ƒ Drying

The fiber has to be dried properly in sunlight/shade after washing.

ƒ Raw fiber

The fiber must be bundled out after drying.From 10 kg of raw pseudostem 250gms offiber can be extracted. Wild banana fibersare more rough, stronger having thickerthread as compared to the fibers extractedfrom cultivars like Jahajee, Chini Champaand Malbhog. Wild banana is off-white incolor whereas fibers from cultivated bananaare more whiter and gives better shine.

ƒ Product weaving

The fiber is blended with various materialssuch as wool or jute fiber for preparationof various products. Banana fiber alone isalso weaved for making different handicraftitems such as door mat, tea coaster, sling bagetc.

ƒ Final products

KVK Dimapur taught the SHG the methodof preparation of door-mats, table mats andbags using the banana fiber and blendingwith different materials. Banana fiber canbe refined and used to make fine cushioncovers, neck ties, bags, table cloths, curtainsetc. Rugs made from banana silk yarn fibersare also very popular world over.

Outcome/ Impact

Four ladies can prepare 12 doormats inone day and likewise, 1 lady can make 10-12 pieces of tea coaster per day. Now thegroup has started preparing good qualityhandicraft like decorative flower basketand sunshade hats etc besides doormats,tea coaster, bags etc. The group wasrecognized as “Best organized SHG Award”during Independence Day celebration(2014) in Dimapur district. The SHG is nowearning nearly `15000-20000/ month frompreparation of fiber products as their leisuretime activities.