Innovative project for waste management

By TheHindu on 15 May 2017 | read

In keeping with his call for a united effort to make Kozhikode cleaner in his first address to the council, Mayor Thottathil Raveendran inaugurated the Corporation’s innovative source-level waste management project on Thursday, the very first day of his assuming the position.

The programme, being implemented in six wards of the Corporation on pilot basis with the technical support of the Centre for Research and Development in Health Hygiene and Environment (CRDHHE), is a comprehensive strategy to wipe out the centralised waste management system in the Corporation by encouraging households to manage their own waste without littering.

The Mayor handed over a bio-bin, a key equipment for the project, to Raseena Samad from Eranhipalam Residents Association to mark the launch of the project.

In his address, the Mayor pointed out the need to nurture civic sense among the public if the project has to be a success.

“We are very good at criticism and talking, but not in practising what we talk,” he said and appreciated some of the residents associations that have been doing a good job in waste management.

New system

Executive Director of CRDHHE Reena Anilkumar explained the details of the project, which involves a perforated bin in which all biodegradable waste produced in a household can be deposited alternating with coconut husk powder treated in inoculum. Within 25 days, the mixture will become organic manure which can be used for farming in the kitchen garden. On the other hand, the residents will be educated on proper storage of the non-biodegradable waste, including plastic, which will be collected once in a month.

The project is being implemented in Thiruthiyad, Nadakkavu, Athanikkal, Chakkorathukulam, Eranhipalam and Karapparamba wards in the first phase. CRDHHE will supply the treated coconut husk powder to every household at the cost of Rs.200 per month. An environment worker has been assigned for every 300 houses to monitor the project. They will be in charge of distributing the mixture and collecting the money as well as collecting the non-biodegradable waste.

Deputy Mayor Meera Darshak presided over the programme.