Innovative Egg Laying Cabin


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Shri Wallamkupar Lyngrah

Age: 45 years

Education level: Graduate

Address: Village MawsiatkhnamPO- Mawlai PhudmuriBPO- Mawtawar, Meghalaya-793022

Mobile number: 8787565664

Aadhar No. : 823485036596

Area: 4.94 acres


Meghalaya in general and East Khasi Hills district in particular has a favorable weather for rearing of poultry birds but, the farmers have the problems in setting up of a well defined and scientific poultry layer farm due to higher cost. In the locally adopted method, the layer birds lay eggs scattered in the open hard floor resulting considerable losses. Such losses included scattered egg laying,spoilage of eggs due to breakage (50% losses) and high mortality of layer birds. Furthermore, most of the laying birds are pecked by other birds which resulted in infections and dying of the birds. To address this problem, Shri Wallamkupar Lyngrah,a progressive farmer from East Khasi Hills district developed an innovative egg laying cabin.


The farmer observed that the birds are fond of laying eggs on corners and where there are darker shades. Realizing this, the farmer constructed the laying cabins which attracted the birds for laying their eggs. A specific dimension was maintained in the cabins which allowed the birds to freely lay their eggs without any disturbance from other birds due to low light and lesser height. The floor of the laying cabin was laid with saw dust which prevents breakage of eggs (0% losses due to breakage) during laying and a provision for collecting the eggs were provided in the form of hinged top covers so as to facilitate easier collection of eggs from outside without entering the poultry shed. By adopting this method the farmer could increase the production of eggs from his farm and at the same time could minimize the death of birds.

Outcome/ Impact

Gross income= `8,76,000/-

Net income = `7,09,140/-

Production cost = `1,66,860/-

B:C ratio= 5.2

The method adopted by the farmer involves low additional investment cost along with high productivity and low mortality rate of the birds, which makes it economically more viable.On an average, the modified technology adopted by the farmer reduced the spoilage or loss of eggs by 90% and thereby increase the productivity up to 80-90%

The new technology developed by the farmer is being practiced by him for the past 3 year and is still performing well. Some fellow farmers who own poultry sheds are attracted by this new innovative idea and have adopted this innovation in his Village and nearby villages of the district.