Innovation Led Agri-Business By Agri Lady

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 08 Jun 2016 | read
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Ms. M. Sarita Reddy has established her company, “Navaratna Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.” in Hyderabad which deals with Bio-fertilizers and micro nutrients. She attributes her success to her independent spirit of decision making with accountability. She thinks that some people have aninbuilt quality to work independently and that inclination surfaces to opt for entrepreneurship.Post B.Sc. (Ag), she worked in Nandan Bio farms (in the area of bio fuels) and has learnt different business skills like operations management, financial management, franchisee management,marketing management which are helping in her own business. She maintains continuous contact with farmers and personally monitors the field trails.

Recently, her company launched a plant probiotic, named Bhoojeevan, which has become very popular among the Ridge-gourd farmers as

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it reduces flower drop and maintains right male female flower ratio that is very important for fruit set.

Her company has products that range from Bio-fertilizers to Micro-nutrients. She attributed her success to the ongoing R&D focus by her company and strong farmer orientation by all team members. Presently, she has engaged 40 people in her team from production to marketing.

Her unit has received license for manufacturing of micro nutrients & bio-fertilizers. Currently, her products are available in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and parts of Maharashtra. She uses farm demonstration – both result & method - to promote her produce, as farmers believe in the efficacy of a product only after seeing the benefits (yield or quality produce) after using the product. She feels that private extension should reach grass-roots level and farmers should get best products that are environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable. She opines that apart of this extension effort should be subsidized for MSMEs as some times it becomes difficult for them to compete with companies.

Ms. M. Saritha Reddy

Ph: 040-6514 3358 Mobile: 9010111138