Increase in sowing, production target for red gram this year in Kalaburagi

By TheHindu on 23 May 2018 | read

The Agriculture Department has set a revised target of producing 38.04 lakh tonnes of foodgrains in 6,73,265 hectares of land in Kalaburagi district for the 2018-19 kharif season.

The production target has been increased by 11.44 lakh tonnes and the area of sowing by 1.03 lakh hectares compared to the last kharif season, according to Rathendranath Sugoor, Joint Director, Agriculture Department.

In 2017-18, the production target was fixed at 26.96 lakh tonnes and the area of cultivation was 5.70 lakh hectares.

The total area under cereals has been decreased from 32,000 hectares to 22,130 hectares and the target for production is 49,479 tonnes.

The land target for sowing of pulses has been increased to 5,12,875 hectares with a production target of 5,64,158 tonnes. There has been an impressive increase in the target set for red gram crop, which is one of the major crops of the district. The department has set a sowing target for red gram at 4,34,625 hectares against the 3,20,000 hectares in 2017-18 kharif season, while the production target for red gram has also been increased to 4,99,818 tonnes against last year’s 3.60 lakh tonnes.

The production target for black gram is 22,240 tonnes in a sowing area of 27,800 hectares, while for green gram the production target is 37,250 tonnes in 47,000 hectares of sowing area.

The area for oilseeds is 36,910 hectares with a production target of 50,484 tonnes. Among the oilseeds, sunflower sowing has declined from 22,000 hectares to 14,210 hectares, while the sowing target for soyabean has also reduced to 31,000 tonnes this year from 42,000 tonnes. The department has increased the target area for sowing commercial crops from last year’s 80,000 hectares to 1.01 lakh hectares of land. The production target for sugarcane has increased to 26 lakh tonnes against last year’s 21.61 lakh tonnes.

The target set for production of cotton is 3,96,200 bales with a sowing area of 56,600 hectares. Meanwhile, Mr. Sugoor said that the department has enough stocks of seeds. At present, the department has preserved 11,000 quintals of red gram seeds against the required 18,000 quintals, 5,000 quintals of black gram, 2500 quintals of green gram and 15,000 quintals of soyabean.

The State government has fixed the subsidy amount for various seeds to be supplied to farmers under Central and State schemes for the kharif season, he added.

PoS device

The department has made it compulsory for retail fertilizer dealers to obtain Point of Sale (PoS) devices for selling fertilizer. Mr. Sugoor said that retailers can obtain the PoS device free. There are 350 retail fertilizer dealers in the district of which around 300 retailers have obtained the device. The department will organise workshops to create awareness among dealers in the taluks on using PoS device.