Inclement weather sees fish prices go north

By Times Of India on 25 May 2018 | read
MANGALURU: The price of premium fish, which has been high since mid-April this year, has seen a sharp rise in the month of May, thanks to inclement weather.
The most preferred among premium fish, the white or silver pomfret, is selling at an astonishing Rs 1,100 a kilo, which is a historic high this year for this species of butterfish that lives in coastal waters off South Asia and Southeast Asia. Even the cost of seer fish has seen a sharp hike from about Rs 600 to Rs 700 a kilo to Rs 990 a kilo this month. They have remained steady at this price from the past fortnight.

Inclement weather sees fish prices go north

Fishermen attribute it to little or no fishing activity since the past fortnight due to inclement weather. The IMD has already issued a warning to fishermen till Saturday, indicating that winds may reach speeds of 100-110 kmph and 120 kmph over south-west and west-central Arabian Sea, respectively. The IMD also warned that the winds will gradually increase in speed to 150-160 kmph, and may even go up to 180 kmph over west-central Arabian Sea from Friday. Regarding the condition of the sea, the IMD stated that the conditions will be rough over south-west and west-central Arabian Sea, advising fishermen not to venture into the south-west Arabian Sea and west-central Arabian Sea from Wednesday to Saturday.

Even daily staple fish like mackerel and sardines have seen an increase in price from about Rs 120 to Rs 200 a kilo, and Rs 100 to Rs 180 a kilo, respectively, over the fortnight, and are holding steady. Usually, sardines sell at half the price of mackerel.

The price of premium white pomfret of a small size were almost half the price it is now, in October last year. While white and black pomfret were retailing at Rs 450 per kilo and Rs 350 per kilo, respectively, at the time, the prices are double now.

At the KFDC outlet in the city, white or silver pomfret is selling at Rs 1,100 per kilo and black pomfret is selling at Rs 690 per kilo.