Horticulture crop cultivation picking up in Penna delta

By TheHindu on 26 Apr 2017 | read

Regardless of high risk factor involved in their cultivation, horticulture crops like jasmine plantations are increasingly grown in parts of the Penna delta in the vicinity of Nellore city in recent years.

The demand for horticulture produce has been on the increase with the consumption of fruits and flowers among the health conscious urban populations going higher now.

Jasmine plantations are among the most preferred horticulture crops that the farmers are inclined to take up nowadays. These plantations are coming up nearer to the Penna river and also in interior areas in the delta depending on the convenience of the farmers.

The jasmine is grown in Damaramadugu, Rebala, Duvvuru, Mudivarthi and other places in larger numbers.

High investment is needed for jasmine crop with the farmers requiring to invest Rs. 25,000 and more per acre.

While the expenditure in constantly increasing, the returns are not steady with rises and falls being reported over the years.

Cost of cultivation is increasing because of higher labour costs, says a horticulture farmer.

In good market conditions, the traders are giving Rs. 60 per kg. But it comes down to Rs. 30 perkg. when there is no demand, he says.

The agricultural workers are to be paid Rs. 10 per kg. towards plucking costs. The workers are needed throughout the year for plucking and other aspects of cultivation, he said.