Homestead Cultivation Of Azolla Minimizes The Use Of Fym


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Md. Ayub Ali

Age: 36 years

Education level: High school

Address: Vill- Jubarajnagar,Dist. – North Tripura, Tripura

Mobile number: 09856424154

Aadhar No. : 329176670756

Area: 7 acres


Availability of cow dung is going down everywhere and day by day it is becoming very difficult to get the required quantity of cow dung for cultivation of any crop. In view of the above,Md. Ayub Ali, a progressive farmer from Jubarajnagar village of North Tripura district started utilizing azolla as a supplementary to cow dung which is readily available at very low cost. Itis extensively used as bio fertilizer and green manures for rice cultivation as it fixes 40-60 kg nitrogen/ ha. Moreover, it has been used as feed for pig, duck and fish. It has high content of protein i.e, 20-30% on dry weight basis


Homestead cultivation procedure -

1. Prepare pit 2m length,1m width & 20 cm depth

2. Spread polythene sheet (2.6mx1.6m)over the pit

3. Add SSP (10g), MOP (10g) , dry cow dung(100g) & Azolla 300 g

4. Mud plaster the surroundings & pour water level (10 cm )

5. Multiply for 15 days. Harvest and repeat the above procedure.

Outcome/ Impact

Economic of normal practice:

Cost of production of paddy : `24299/ha

Average production : 3.85 t/ha

Gross return : ` 57750/ha

Net return : ` 33451.00

B:C ratio : 2.37

Economics/Profitability of innovative practice:

Cost of production : `22887/ha

Average production : 5 t/ha

Gross return : ` 75000.00

Net return : ` 52113.00

B:C ratio : 3.27

This technique is well accepted by the farmers as there is huge shortage of FYM and these days farmers are also aware of their soil health condition and they know very well that it is difficult to increase productivity without organic fertilizers.