Grapes Not Sour For Them

By TheHindu on 01 Jul 2015 | read

Priya Mohandas and sons at the vineyard on the terrace of their house at Vengeri in Kozhikode.Priya Mohandas and sons at the vineyard on the terrace of their house at Vengeri in Kozhikode.

An escape from the scorching heat was all Mohandas and his wife wanted when they thought of growing some creepers on the premises of their small house at Vengeri.

Family friends came up with a lot of suggestions, but the quirky passion of one of them hailing from Nilambur, inspired the couple to plant a few vines. Not even in their dreams they had nurtured a vineyard on the terrace but one of the three vines they planted proved that it was quite a possible idea.

“It would be hard to believe that we have already harvested not less than 25 big bunches of grapes from our terrace,” said an excited Mohandas along with his wife Priya. It was just an experiment which we started nearly three years ago, but it worked perfectly, they said.

Mohandas explained that the family had nothing in mind in the form of a vineyard when they ventured into farming. “In the first year, the plant started growing lush. We have no botheration. But things witnessed a twist when the small ‘Panthal’ we created for the plant crumpled in the weight of the growing plant. Time was up to think positively and we quickly set up a good-quality ‘panthal’ to care for the plant lovingly,” he said.

The change was visible as the plant started producing the fruit. As there were no experts to guide them on the scientific style of farming the vines in a limited space, they surfed in the internet for collecting details. Only organic manure such as cow dung was used without allowing pesticides.

“To our luck, the attack of insects was minimal and we started loving the cultivation with a new zeal,” Priya said. For their children Vaishakh and Sanjay, too, the home vineyard was something to take pride in and show it around proudly to their friends. The biggest delight of the family was the finding that vines could survive for nearly 40 years.