Good rains predicted in Raj using old methods

By Times Of India on 22 Apr 2018 | read
Jaisalmer: Good Monsoon has been predicted in Rajasthan using traditional menthods on Amavasya of Vaisakh. The way met department predicts about the weather using latest equipments similarly, in rural areas elderly people use many traditional rituals to predict monsoon on Amavasya of Vaisakh month.

In Balotra town of Barmer district on Hali Amavasya on Monday, the mali community in traditional manner predicted good monsoon. The met department also has predicted normal rain this year. Two places in Balotra town- Mali Samaj Bhawan and Ramaji ki Vadi in Gandhipura- organised a program to predict the pattern of monsoon this year.

According to elderly people of the community they are taking forward the tradition that has been going on for decades and the younger generation is also taking interest in keeping this tradition alive. During the occasion, deputy chairman Radheyshyam Mali, former chairman Mahesh B Chauhan, Kumparam Panwar, counselor Champalal Sundesha, Mangalaram Tak, social worker Babulal Gehlot and a lot of others from the Mali society were present.

For the ritual, villagers gather and take sand in five earthen pots or kulhad and fill it with water. It is then distributed according to the four months of the Hindu calendar namely Asad, Shrawan, Bhadrapadra, and Asoj. The fifth kulhad is called thumb and if it breaks before five months then that tells there will be good rain. Many crops like wheat, bahru etc are also kept and prayers are offered while the pots are kept on water with some woollens on top of them. Then these kulhads start breaking one by one and based on that, rain for that month is predicted.