Daily Weather Report

By Punjab Agricultural University on 31 Mar 2017 | read

DAILY WEATHER REPORT DAILY WEATHER REPORT (31.03.17) FORECAST FOR 01.04.2017 The weather is expected to remain partly cloudy at isolated places over Ludhiana and its adjoining areas during the next 24 hours.

Awaux vwly 24 GMitAW dOrwn luiDAwxw Aqy iesdy nwl l~gdy BwgW iv~c ikqy-ikqy tu~tvIN b~dlvweI bxy rihx dw Anumwn hY[ The following observations were recorded today at the PAU Agromet Observatory:

Minimum Temperature (0730 hr)

20.2 oC

Maximum Temperature (1430 hr)

35.6 oC

Morning Relative Humidity (0730 hr)

79 %

Evening Relative Humidity (1430hr)

34 %

Evaporation (Ending 0830 Today)

6.0 mm

Rainfall (Ending 0830 Today)

0.0 mm

Day Length

12 Hr 28 min