Agroadvisory 31.10.17

By Punjab Agricultural University on 31 Oct 2017 | read

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Weather is expected to remain dry during next 2-3 days in Punjab. Outlook for subsequent two days: Dry weather. The maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to remain between 26-29 oC and 12-16 oC, respectively. The maximum relative humidity is expected to remain between 77-85 % and minimum between 41-59 % during these days.

Farmers are advised to complete picking of cotton during this dry period. Start sowing of barley, gram, lentil and raya. Complete the sowing of gobhi sarson during this period. Under November sowing, transplanting of gobhi sarson is more profitable than direct sowing. Use 60 days old seedlings of gobhi sarson (GSL-1)but for gobhi sarson hybrid hyola PAC 401 use 35-45 days old seedlings.

Prevailing weather conditions are suitable for the sowing of wheat crop. Get pre-sowing irrigation done to sow wheat crop. Farmers are advised to treat wheat seed with 13 ml Raxil Easy/Orius 6 FS by dissolving in 400 ml water or 120 g Vitavax Power 75 WS or 80 g Vitavax 75 WP or 40 g Seedex 2 DS/Exzole 2 DS per 40 kg seed, using seed treatment drum to control loose smut and flag smut of wheat. Do not treat seed a month before sowing as it hampers germination. It is also the optimum time to sow oats as fodder crop.

It is the optimum time for sowing of early season pea variety Matar Ageta-7, Arkel and Matar Ageta-6. It is the optimum time for sowing of nursery of tomato, brinjal, chilli, capsicum and onion. It is optimum time to sow root crops like radish, turnip and carrot. Use 2 kg seed for turnip and 4 kg seed for carrot and radish per acre. Before sowing, treat the seed with Captan or Thiram @ 3 g per kg of seed.

It is an appropriate time for planting of evergreen fruit plant like citrus, mango, guava, papaya, litchi, sapota, amla and bael. Spray any fungicides (Bavistin 1.0 g or Tilt @1.0 ml or Ziram @ 2.5 ml per liter) to control fruit drop in Kinnow. Sooty mould can be checked with application of Ziram @ 2.5 ml + Ethion @ 2.0 ml per liter water. Apply 500 g urea, 1250 g single super phosphate and 750 g muriate of potash per tree to ten years old guava orchard to get higher yield in winter season.

HS and FMD vaccination should be done for prevention of Gal Ghotu and Foot and Mouth disease. Disbudding should be done within 10-15 days of age. Because of scarcity of green fodder during this month, give silage to the animals along with mineral mixture @ 50 g per animal per day and common salt @ 20g per animal per day. Protect young calves from cold weather by providing dry bedding and clothing.