Fungal Disease (Foliar) : Panama Wilt.

By Vishnu Sankar on 01 Jun 2016 | read



 Panama wilt is caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense. Both external and internal symptoms are present in the affected plant.

Symptoms commence as yellowing of older leaves and progresses to youngest leaf.   The affected leaves collapse gradually at the petiole and hang around the Pseudostem.   At advanced stages of the disease development, splitting of the Pseudostem occurs coinciding with the collapse of crown.

Wilt is a vascular disease and attacks the conducting tissues. A transverse section of the Pseudostem/leaf base/rhizome exhibits presence of wilt fungus in the form of purplish or brownish-black discoloration of the vascular bundles that disrupts the translocation of nutrients leading to collapse of foliage and cessation of the growth of the crown.


 Provide good drainage in field wherever water stagnation occurs.  Bimonthly drenching and weekly spray with 0.1% Bavistin for 2-3 weeks on and around the infected plants.  Uproot severely infected plants and burn them. Liming of the infected soil at the site of uprooted plants, helps in reducing the survival of fungus.

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A highly successful method for effective control of Panama Wilt (or) Fusarium wilt in Banana plants.

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