Fruit fly management through rain sustainable pheromone traps developed by ICAR-CISH, Lko


Fruit fly management through rain sustainable pheromone traps developed by CISH
Fruits and vegetables may be full of maggots during rainy season due to infestation by the
fruit flies. Female fruit flies lays eggs in theyoungvegetables and fruits, which hatches as maggots
within a week and the young ones continues to feed on pulp. As result of which fruit starts decay and
drop down. The affected fruits and vegetables become unfit for consumption. Such damage is very
high during rainy season which cause enormous losses to farmers. Severe incidence of fruit flies has
been observed in late season varieties of the mango, rainy season crop of the guava and many
vegetable crops. It has been estimated that approximately80 per cent of late season mango fruits get
damaged by fruit flies if the timely appropriate intervention is not taken.
Keeping the importance of the pest, effective fruit fly pheromonetraps have been
developed. These pheromone traps attracts the male flies and there by its mating disruption is
achieved. Different types of traps are available in the market for the management of fruit flies.
The existing traps available in the market are either costlieror cheaper but not technicallysound to
suit the local conditions. In northern plains mango season will be there upto last week of July.
During Julymonth Northern India receive heavy rains. Dueto rains water will enters into the fruit
fly trap, lures are getting drowned and lose its viability soon. Keeping this in view, ICAR-Central
Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow developed a cost effectivedesign of fruit fly trap to
overcome technical drawbacks. Modified trap is having peculiar feature withentry holes made at
both the sides at the neck and also the flap along the edge of cap top are designed in such a way to
minimize the entry of water during rainyseason. The design is effective and protects the lure from
drowning in to the rain water. It is cost effective when compared to other existing trap designs in the
market. These traps are economical, effective and suitable for efficient management of fruit flies
infesting mango, guava and vegetable crops especiallyduring rainy season. Due to heavy infestation
of fruit flies in guava farmers are not taking the rainyseason guava crop. Ifthis trap installed timely
good crop of guava can be grown even under rainy season also.It is difficult for farmers to procure
ready to hangtraps and lures as per their requirement on time. Therefore, ‘ICAR – CISH has
developed a system to supplythe traps to farmers at nominal price from Institute and even by post.
The interested farmers can take the benefit of this trap to save the crop from fruit flies.
To procure traps, may please send letter through E-mail: nursery.cish@gmail.comor by postto the
Director, ICAR-Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Rehmankhera, PO: Kakori, Lucknow
– 226 101.
Payment can be made through NEFT/RTGS to the Account: ICAR-UNIT-CISH, Lucknow
Account no. 1153012101000034, IFSC code: PUNB0619500.
Price per 5 traps:Rs.65x5=Rs.325/- + postal charges (as per distance).