From Recipe to Reality Seminar

By Debi Kelly on 01 Jun 2017 | read
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For anyone who is contemplating a value added food product as an enterprise from their farm, I usually recommended people to take the From Recipe to Reality seminar put on by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

The one-day "From Recipe to Reality" seminar is the first step in developing a food business. It is specifically designed to provide entrepreneurs with an understanding of the key issues they will need to consider when starting a food business. Participants include individuals interested in marketing a family recipe, individuals with a product idea or concept, producers considering adding value to an agricultural product, restaurateurs exploring the manufacturing of a house specialty, and store owners contemplating the development of a private label products.

Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

Program dates for 2010 in Lincoln, NE - June 4, August 20, October 23.

Contact Jill Gifford at (402) 472-2819 or for an information packet.