Fresh bid for more biominingat Kapuluppada dump yard

By TheHindu on 23 Feb 2018 | read

GVMC’s fresh efforts to increase the area of biomining at its Kapuluppada dump yard has turned out to be somewhat complex owing to non-availability of standard parameters.

The present exercise involves 20 acres of the garbage-filled yard.

While recent initiatives in solid waste management are focussed on composting after segregation of waste, for years prior to that garbage from the city is being dumped at Kapuluppada yard spread over nearly 100 acres.

In five acres, Coromandel Fertilizers has taken up biomining under Corporate Social Responsibility. After processing the garbage, it makes compost and markets it.

In biomining, compost is salvaged from the accumulated dump, processed and if necessary, natural additives are added before making it ready for use as compost.

The present exercise is taken up under the guidance of the Ministry of Urban Development (MOUD) of the Union Government. Three companies have responded to expression of interest called for and initial discussions have been held, it is learnt.

However, only one has submitted Request for Proposal (RFP). The financial bid is being evaluated now.


To pave the way for it, a technical committee has to evaluate the quality of compost. Arriving at an estimate of the quantity is also necessary, say sources.

Lack of any previous information on biomining processes is turning out to be a hindrance.

First to take up it

GVMC is reportedly the first to take up such an exercise.

Unlike the CSR biomining, in the fresh exercise GVMC has to invest money and pay the company finally selected for processing the garbage.

Financial support

While some financial support comes from the MOUD, the majority of funding running into crores of rupees has to be borne by the corporation.