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By Punjab Agricultural University on 09 Feb 2018 | read

Detection of Yellow rust is must – No blanket spray




During the current Rabi season, the scientists of Punjab Agricultural University and experts from Department of Agriculture Punjab have collectively started survey as per past practice for early detection of yellow rust in sub mountainous districts of Punjab. Dr. P.S. Sekhon, Head, Department of Plant Pathology told that till now initial foci of yellow rust has been reported in 5-6 locations from Ropar, SBS Nagar, Hoshiarpur, Fatehgarh Sahib and Gurdaspur districts on HD 2967 and other unrecommended varieties of wheat. These initial foci of infection of yellow rust have been sprayed under the supervision of experts and situation is under control.

Dr. Sekhon told that the prevalence of disease is quite less during this year. The main reason for this is prevalence of dry weather within higher hills during October, November due to which self sown wheat plant were killed and normal wheat sowing in hilly areas was delayed as a result survival of pathogen was reduced to great extend. Moreover, in sub-mountainous districts, farmers have sown wheat varieties resistant to yellow rust like HD 3086, PBW 725, PBW 677 etc. He emphasized that under prevailing  weather conditions the farmers who have grown HD 2967 and other  unrecommended  varieties should monitor their fields regularly. He further cautioned the farmers no to go far blanket or preventive sprays only apply fungicides when symptoms are noticed. Spray the infected areas in the fields with recommended fungicides such as Tilt/Shine/Bumper/Markzole 200ml in 200 litres of water. This will prevent spread of disease in other areas.