Floating Duckery Unit Integrated With Fish Farming


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Mr Michael Mercer (64 yrs)

Education: M.Sc (Science), Diploma(Tropical Agriculture), Diploma (PigFarming)

Address: Sunhlukawn, West Serzawlroad, Lengpui, Mizoram -796421

Mobile no: 7085893219

Size of land – 40 acres


Mr Michael Mercer and Mrs Hmangaihzuali have a farm pond of about 2 acres wherein they rear exotic carps like common carp, grass carp and silver carp. It has come to the notice of KVK, Mamit district that this couple are hard working but the income generated from this pond is minimal. With the consent of the farmer the Kendra came up with the idea of integration with a duckery unit. Few pairs of khaki Campbell and Indian runners were also provided to them. But eventually, it was found that these ducks were not at all safe from wild animals which intrude from the adjacent forest especially during night hours as the ducks were sheltered at the pond banks. The farmer came up with the idea of constructing floating duckery unit within their pond with a sole reason of protecting their birds from wild animals.


1. Construction of duckery unit

a. Construction of 10’ x 10’ octagonal deck with bamboo ply

b. Attachment of recycled plastic bottles below the hexagonal deck for floatation

c. Construction of 5’x 5’ duckery shed upon the floating deck with low cost roofing materials

d. Providing nest boxes inside the shed

e. Fencing the periphery of the deck with plastic net

Outcome/ Impact

1. Protection from wild predators

2. Free range duck farming

3. Additional income from duckery unit

4. Supplementary feed/ nutrition for fish from duck droppings.

5. Increase of aesthetic value of the pond

The innovation of the floating duckery unit has increased the size of the fish by 0.3-0.4 times as compared to previous years. Besides providing safety for the ducks, the farmer has utilized low cost materials, waste bottles, locally available materials and scraps only for constructing the duckery unit.

Gross income:`70,000/-

Net Income: `62,000/-

Production cost: `8,000/-

B:C ratio: 8.75