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In the olden days there was a belief in Manipur that if kings consume Pengba fish before setting out for battle, they would win the war. After returning victorious from the war, kings used to consume the delicious Pengba fish again. Presently, in Manipur, pengba is approved as state fish. However, over the years, the delicious species Pengba, sadly, is on the verge of extinction. Here is a story of one of the most successful Agripreneurs from Manipur, Shri Soibam Suruchandra Singh who has done pioneering work in conserving the endangered fish species pengba,from extinction.

Shri Soibam S. Singh, a post graduate diploma holder in fishery science, has opted for self employment through integrated organic fish farming instead of settling down in a job. He has done tremendous work in integrating fish farming with Piggery and Dairy farming, through which he enhanced fish production by adopting the latest scientific techniques of pisciculture. Mr. Singh is also the Secretary of High Tech Integrated Fish Farming Society of Manipur. He has chosen conserving the rare species of Pengba fish as his Goal.

For doing the business more professionally, Shri Singh joined the 2-month training programof AC&ABC at the Institute of Cooperative Management, Imphal, Manipur. Shri Singh says that he was immensely benefited by the rich course content of the AC&ABC Training Modules for expanding his fish farming business.

To realize his objective, Shri Singh has started Semi Intensive Composite Fish farming by culturing 5 compatible, mutually complimentary fresh water species viz. Rohu, Catla, Pengba,Nagton and Ngakra. By adopting the latest scientific techniques of fish culture with schedules of feeding and hygienic water conditioning, Shri Singh achieved quality fish production. Further,Shri Singh has started breeding,propagation and culture of Pengba with other carps for increasing productivity and profitability of rural fish farmers, and provided them disease-free and healthy fish fingerlings of Pengba. For such outstanding work, Shri Singh has been recognized by the fish farmers as the pioneer and leading producer of Pengba (O.belangeri) in ManipurState.

Image titleServices Offered by Shri Suruchandra Singh are as follows:

• Provides disease-free and healthy fish carp seed of Pengba species.• Imparts short term training to fish farmers in three districts of Manipur in breeding techniques of Pengba fish and other species.• Offers consultancy on designing fishponds.

Provides technical knowledge for pre and post Stocking Management.

• Creates awareness about fish diseases and their control measures.

• Reaches out to remote fish farmers through TV, Radio and articles in Newspapers fordisseminating the latest knowledge on fish farming.

• To reach out to wider range of professionals interested in improving Pisciculture,Shri Singh has also published a book titled “An Innovative Technology of Semi IntensiveFish farming” in English and Manipuri languages.

Shri Singh’s initiatives benefited 1000 fish farmers from 15 villages in 3 districts of Manipur. Through fish farming demonstration programs, under the Central Institute of Fisheries Education,Mumbai, 50,000 fish fingerlings and more than 2 lakhs of fish seed (Fry Stage) were distributed to poor fish farmers in different parts of Manipur State such as Thoubal, Bishnupur, Mayang,Wabgai etc.

Impact of these extension initiatives was noticed in increased rearing capacity of Pengba from 8000 fingerlings per hectare to 20000 fingerlings, and increased fish yield from 3 tons per hectare to 7 tons per hectare. Shri Singh achieved an annual average turnover of Rs. 1.25 crores with net income of Rs. 18 lakhs per annum. Shri Singh’s initiatives have generated direct rural employment to 100 members and provided indirect employment opportunities to about 500 members.

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Vision for the Future:

• Shri Singh wishes to establish breeding centers for multiplication of Pengba fish to conserve the species from extinction.

• Creating awareness among all the fish farmers in the region regarding integrated fish farming with cattle, duck, pig farming to reduce the input costs.

• Constructing 2 storage go downs with scientific storage facilities for storing of Inputs and Outputs of fish farming.

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