Field Day On Mustard Organized At Cazri-Regional Research Station, Jaisalmer Experimental Area Chandan


A field day on mustard was organized at CAZRI- RRS Jaisalmer experimental area Chandan on 14.03.2019. More than 40 farmers from Chandan, Sodakore and Karma-ki-dhani villages participated in the field day on improved production technology of mustard crop. Dr S.C. Meena, Scientist & OIC of the station explained about different varieties of mustard sown in the crop cafeteria. He stressed upon the role of natural enemies and timely management of different insect pests of mustard crop. Other faculty members of stations expressed their views on protection of mustard cropImage title through wind breaks, shelterbelts and live fences; integration of fruit crops with the agricultural crops; soil test-based fertilizer application and utilization of latest innovations in agriculture through information technology. Farmers also shown keen interest in other crops of the cafeteria viz., safflower, cumin and isabgol.