Field Day On Happy Seeder Sown Wheat At Jallewal On 01-03-2019 01-03-2019

By Punjab Agricultural University on 04 Mar 2019 | read


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A Field Day on “Happy Seeder sown wheat” was organized by Farm Advisory Service Centre (FASC), Tarn Taran of Punjab Agricultural University at RDF adopted village Jallewal. The main aim of the field day was to promote the use of happy Seeder to avoid stubble burning. The farmers were informed about the Happy Seeder that creates the complete inter row mulch in pressed form simultaneously along with sowing of wheat with more stability and least vibration in the standing stubbles.

Dr Parminder Kaur DES (SM) welcomed the chief guest Dr. Paramjit Singh, Director, USF, Usman. She told the farmers to take the advisory of FASC experts before going for any type of agricultural operations. She started technical session by delivering Lecture on disease management in wheat. She also requested farmers to adopt new technologies invented by PAU. She told the farmers that yield can be simply improved by cultivating recommended varieties of PAU which are resistant to diseases.

Dr Paramjit Singh made farmers aware about advantages of happy seeder and disadvantages of stubble burning. He stressed that straw mulch contains essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and other minor nutrients and incorporating the straw into the field is very beneficial. While using happy seeder points that should be kept in mind are: the soil moisture in the field should be adequate that is necessary to spread the loose straw. He also gave detailed information about insect pest management in wheat crop and laid emphasis to adopt proper application technology of the pesticides. Dr. Jatinder Mannan (AP Agronomy) gave advice on adopting agronomic practices for the cultivation of recommended wheat varieties. Further, he emphasized the use of recommended dose of fertilizers as to avoid residue effect in wheat seed.

Mr. Shaminder Singh DES (Soil Science) stressed the need of soil and water testing and management of nutrient deficiency in wheat. Further, he criticised the over use of fertilizers in wheat crop. Dr. Savreet Khehra DES (Horticulture) advised to grow fruits in the kitchen garden for nutritional security of family. She explained the method of planting fruit plants and how to take care of newly planted fruit plants. Dr. Ajay Kumar DES (Vegetable Science) delivered lecture on adoption of kitchen garden.

The scientists advised the farmers to remain in touch with the experts. Many farmers also shared their experience on happy seeder. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Savreet Khehra DES (Horticulture).