Fertilizers - Bio-Fertilizers


Biofertilizers are culture of microorganisms used for inoculating seed or soil or both under ideal conditions to increase the availability of plant nutrients.

Classification of Bio-fertilizers

How to use the Bio-fertilizers

Biofertilizers are mixed with little water for preparing slurry. In that slurry small quantity of sugar or jaggary or gum is added so that the inoculant may get energy for their prolonged survival. The slurry is poured over the seeds which should be kept in a container. The seed is mixed well with the slurry by pouring the mixture into another container. Thus by pouring fourth and back into both containers the seed is nicely mixed with inoculant. Now the treated seed should be dried in cool and dry shady place and sown immediately in the field.

Application of Azolla Culture: There are two methods.

Azolla can be used as green manure in rice field. In this case Azolla culture is inoculated in the main field about 15-20 days before transplanting of rice seedling so that it can be incorporated in the field at the time ofpuddling.

The nicely prepared field is divided into smaller plots of 100 sq.m. by raising bunds and 5-10 cm deep

water level is maintained upto about 20-25 days after inoculation so that a thick azolla mat may be formed. After about 25 days of inoculation when thick mat is formed, the water level is reduced and azolla mat is mixed into the soil while weeding.