Farmers Worried Over Rainwater Stagnating In Banana Fields

By TheHindu on 27 Oct 2016

Banana crop in a water-logged field at Athimarapatti near Tuticorin on Wednesday.— Photo: N. Rajesh

TUTICORIN, November 19, 2015

Banana fields were inundated in some parts of the district following heavy rains recently. The scenario worried farmers of Pudukottai, Palayakayal, Athimarapatti, Sebathaiyapuram, Mullakadu and Maravanmadam.

K.P. Perumal, district secretary, Tamil Nadu Farmers’ Association, said here on Wednesday that the banana farmers would take a breather, if stagnating water was drained. If the water-logging prolonged for over a week, the crop would be susceptible to damage, he added.

However, the yield from the waterlogged fields would be reduced more than 40 per cent compared to normal stage. Hence, steps should be taken to drain the rainwater on a war footing from the fields and save the farmers. Since water bodies remain encroached, rainwater led to water-logging, Mr. Perumal pointed out.

Deputy Director of Horticulture M. Ashok Macrin told The Hindu that normally under such water-logging conditions, the banana crop could withstand up to a period of 15 days. He said banana cultivation had been taken up on 9, 281 hectares along the Tamirabarani river basin of Srivaikuntam, Alwarthirunagari, Tiruchendur, Karungulam, Sathankulam and also in Tuticorin blocks.

Referring to other perennial crops, the Deputy Director said fruit crops on 11, 181 hectares, vegetable crops on 400 ha, spices on 1,310 ha, plantation crops, including cashew, beetelwine, palmyrah and coconut, had been cultivated.

Besides, medicinal crops including senna and aloe vera on 54 ha and flower crops on 232 ha had been cultivated. Since the district received a good amount of rainfall, the cultivation of horticultural crops was expected to increase this year.