Farmers Raising ‘Andhra Ponni’

By TheHindu on 18 Oct 2016 | read

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As the discharge of water from the Mettur Dam started reaching their fields, farmers in parts of the district have started raising paddy in their fields.

Pinning their hopes on timely onset of north east monsoon, paddy farmers of Lalgudi and nearby villages have opted for ‘Andhra Ponni’ variety. “Though it is a long term crop, it has an assured market,” say the farmers of Mela Valadi who raised the nurseries on two acres

According to official sources, about 86,362 acres is the normal area under ‘samba’ and ‘thaladi’ cultivation. It included 24,703 acres being irrigated through the Peruvalai Vaikkal and Ayyan Vaikkal, both in Lalgudi block. “The availability of water has raised the hope of farmers to some extent. The farming activity, however, will pick up in course of time, the source said adding that about 30 per cent of 24,703 acres had been brought under cultivation so far in Lalgudi block.

The Agriculture Department has drafted an action plan to monitor the growth of paddy. Meanwhile, the Public Works Department has introduced turn system for judicious use of irrigation water in the district. “Careful introduction of turn system will benefit farmers without any wastage,” the source said.