‘Everyone should try kitchen gardening’

By TheHindu on 16 Mar 2017 | read

Recently, I bought a kitchen garden kit sold by Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department. The kit is so handy. It includes manure, tools, pesticides and seeds. To encourage kitchen gardening in urban areas, the department is selling the kit at a subsidised cost. My concern is that many are not aware of this facility. It is specifically designed for those who have limited space.

The kit has seeds of brinjal, tomato, radish, lady’s finger, flat beans and different types of green leaves. Most of them are perennial plants.

We should make use of such offers and promote kitchen gardening as it certainly has immense benefits. One of them is that we can have vegetables that are chemical-free.

Next, it reduces our dependence on markets and we can save money.

And then, gardening is cathartic and relaxing.

For all these reasons, we should give it a try.

To know more about this kit, log on to tnhorticulture.tn.gov.in

The office of the horticulture department is located at No: 9, Thiruveedhi Amman Kovil Street, Thiruvanmiyur.

S. Madhavan,

Kamaraj Nagar,