Enam Proves Boon For Turmeric Producers In Drought-Hit Region

By Times Of India on 21 Nov 2018

AURANGABAD: When farmers in almost all parts of Marathwada were facing trouble due to the drought, the turmeric farmers at Basmat in Hingoli district are getting never-before price for their produce, after they opted for the eNAM route. The local residents said this will make farmer suicides a thing of the past.

The National Agriculture Market (eNAM) is an electronic trading portal which networks the APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities.

The Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) at Basmat , one of the largest turmeric markets in the country, has opted for the eNAM portal and the local farmers have started getting bids for their produce from different parts of the country, giving them possibly the highest prices.

Also, the farmers no more have to pay ‘adad’, (a commission given to middlemen). The market daily receives thousands of bags of turmeric.

Another major advantage of the portal is that the farmers get their money within 24 hours of the produce being sold through online bidding.

Manish Kayande, a farmer who sold his produce for over Rs 7,000 per quintal, said he was more than happy ,with the transparency in the overall affair and also for getting more than the expected price for the produce .

Several other farmers have echoed Kayande, saying that they were witnessing a change in the air due to the never before transparency in trading.