Egg Extract (Egg Amino Acid)

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 03 Jul 2016 | read

Ingredients: 5 eggs, juice of 10 - 15 lemons, and 250 gms jiggery.


Place the eggs in a jar and pour lemon juice in it until the eggs are completely immersed. Keep it for ten days with lid closed. After ten days smash the eggs and prepare the solution.Add equal quantity of thick jiggery syrup to it and set aside for ten days.The solution will then be ready for spraying.

This is a great nutrient for the plants just like Fish Extract and will boost plant growth.

It was originally conceived by Ms.Veeriachinnammal of Theni district (TN) as medicine for asthma.

Usage: Add one to two ml of this with one liter water for spraying.