Earning Livelihood Through Piggery In An Innovative Way


Farmer’s Profile

Name: Mrs Kuhukhrulu Khamo

Age: 39 Years

Education level: Cl. VIII Passed

Address: Rikuzu Colony, Pfutsero,Phek, Nagaland

Mobile number: 08974100870

Aadhar No. : 228141096100


Nagaland being a tribal state, there is a huge demand of meat and meat products. The amount of meat produced is insufficient to meet the demands of the people. Moreover, the import from the neighboring state like Assam and other states has been banned by youth organization to the District due to unhygienic condition of rearing of the pigs. In order to meet the deficit market, Mrs Kuhukhrulu Khamo, a progressive farmer of Phek district has started an innovative way of piggery farming.


Feeding of the pigs with concentrated ration (Ground Maize, Wheat bran, Broken rice &Dry fish) and selective green leaves (Gappa (Plangato major), Bei (Colocasia esculanta),Kikiga (Angiopteris spp.), Gakra (Oenanthe javanica), Gazhie(Polygonum chinenses),Krizhie(Polygonum runcinatum), Thevopruzie(Polygonum hydropiper),Khroci (Impatiensfalcifer), Garii (Fagopyrum esculentum),Dzubuo(Alternanthera sessilis), Gathiirii(Clerodendron colebrookianum), Tiikholiimu(Cucurbita spp ), Kuwas (Sechium edule) etc.)from jungle in the ratio of 2:1 and has achieved the desired growth rate. With the income generated she has purchased a vehicle to transport quality boar to the cyclic sow to the nearby villages (viz Phuchasadu, Porba, Pfutseromi, Thipuzumi, Rikuzumi) on payment basis(`1000/- per service excluding the transportation charge). She sells her piglets @ `5000/-

Outcome/ Impact

B:C ratio= 2.37

Total income from sale of piglets and boar service is approx 6 lakhs per annul and input expenditure is ` 2.53 lakhs that includes feeding, healthcare, depreciation etc.

The innovative method of feeding has reduced the expenditure which account to 70 percent of the investment in pig rearing. Further, the fellow farmers are greatly benefited by the boar service in quick and timely manner that assures impregnation of the sows.