Drop In Black Gram Yield, Say Farmers

By TheHindu on 04 Nov 2016 | read

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Depletion in groundwater has an adverse impact on yield

WITHERING:A farmer couple showing black gram which withered owing topoor irrigation facility at Rajavelukudi near Nagapattinam.— Photo: M. Srinath

Farmers in parts of the district have complained of fall in yield in black gram owing to scanty rainfall. The crop has been raised in irrigated fields in Velukudi, Kombur and Neermangalam. But the failure of monsoon has resulted in depletion in groundwater table.

Nadanam, a farmer of Velukudi, said that he had incurred an expenditure of Rs.12,000 an acre and raised the ADT 5 variety in three acres. He could realize only 150 kg against the normal yield of 4,000 kg per acre. Gurusamy, another farmer, said that bore wells in a cluster of villages in and around Velukudi had failed. Farmers pleaded for adequate compensation from the state government.

Sources said that black gram had been raised on about 45,000 hectares in the district mainly as a rice-fallow crop in Nagapattinam and Mayiladuthurai blocks. The average yield was about 450 kg per hectare but due to poor rainfall,the yield had been affected. The crop is usually raised during April in 85 to 90 days. The summer showers had failed this year, resulting in fall in yield. Last year, the yield was highly appreciable due to timely showers.

Under irrigated condition, the yield would even go up to one tonne a hectare.

The serious depletion in groundwater had an adverse impact on the yield.