Drizzles to step up a pedal and turn into rains and its going to be a steady one

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 16 Oct 2017 | read
As posted yesterday, today is our best Chance for rains in the City. The low pressure in Bay will intensify into Cyclone Ockhi and will go to North AP / Odisha Coast. There is no change in that. Dont get confused what some newspapers put. This system is not for us. Rains have come to stop in most of the parts of Tamil Nadu.
Dont be fooled seeing the massive cloud mass close to Chennai. The upcoming cyclone is not going to affect Chennai. Please dont use satellite imagery based clouds to track low pressure or cyclones. That is not the right way to do.

I still stand by what i said earlier. Dry Diwali on cards for Chennai and sameway next two weeks will be mostly dry for most of Tamil Nadu. Onset of monsoon is going to be delayed by around two weeks. The monsoon is going to be below normal for Chennai. That doesnt mean we will not get even a drop of rains.

Chennai and other areas
Lets enjoy today's rains and tomorrow morning spells and then as the system moves up north we are in for a break. Our Normal Rainfall cor Chennai is 867 mm and till date we have got around 110 mm. A long way to go. I will be happy even if we get 600 mm. But i doubt even in that.

Some rains can be expected in and around Diwali period due to the pull effect of cyclone in Ramanathapuram, Kanyakumari, Nellai, Theni belt as the Cyclone moves away to Odisha / North AP coast.

Onset and dry days ahead
If u trust me, then dont quote some other FB page or tamil Newspapers who are saying onset and cyclone to hit tamil nadu blah blah blah and ask your doubts. When there is rains i will update. I have not created this page for spreading false news or to give false hopes just for the sake of getting likes. I never do that.

Give weightage to climatalogy. The system which forms before onset of our North East monsoon always prefer to go to North AP / Odisha coast. That is never for us.

Historic All time rains for the year will come to stop after 17th October. This has been one special year for Bangalore in over 100 years.