Drive To Eradicate Weeds

By TheHindu on 14 Sep 2016

As part of its special drive to eradicate parthenium weed, the Agricutural Research Station, Bhavani Sagar, conducted a day-long 'Orientation cum Sensitisation Campaign’ for students earlier this month.

Teaming up with the Department of Agronomy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, the ARS, Bhavani Sagar, sensitised diploma (Agri) students and school children and farmers of Ikkaraithethepalli and Dhoddampalayam village to the harmful impacts of the weed, and the possibility for rooting it out completely with community participation.

P. Devasenapathy, Professor and Head, Department of Agronomy, TNAU, Coimbatore, emphasised on the role of youth in parthenium eradication drive.

C. Chinnasamy, Professor of Agronomy, also stressed on joint eradication, saying the weed has turned into a national menace.

K. Umapathy, Assistant Director of Agriculture, Bhavanaisagar, threw light on the critical stage when the weed could be controlled for curbing the spread at the very initial phase .

N.K. Prabhakaran, Professor and Head, ARS, Bhavani Sagar, detailed on methodology of weed control and the mechanism to eliminate it completely.

Students were also exposed to the method of composting the weed under the topic 'Wealth from Waste'.

An exhibition depicted various aspects of the growth, spread, ill effects, treatment and curbing techniques of the weed that impacts human, livestock and animal population.