DOGR tests night soil manure on onion yield in Khed taluka

By Times Of India on 05 May 2018 | read
PUNE: In an innovative concept, district officials from Khed taluka rolled out an experiment with the help of the Director of Onion and Garlic Research (DOGR) Rajgurunagar whereby night soil manure was tested for suitability on the onion crop. The preliminary test results have been positive.
The project aims to sustain the Open Defecation Free movement by motivating families to use a toilet and incentivize the compost, which will help promote organic farming, explained district authorities.

The institute on Friday harvested the onion crop after 114 days and scientists have given a green signal to the yield. They are now all set to take on further studies on the crop in order to inspect the “nutrients and biochemical” quality of the produce and to ascertain if it is fit for consumption.

“We planted the onion crop in January this year. Along with the normal fertilizers, night soil was used. We will conduct further tests on the yield and provide the results soon,” said AJ Gupta, DOGR’s principal scientist, horticulture.

As part of the experiment, four demo plots of 400 plants each were chosen. In each of the plots, regular compost, compost and night soil manure mix, exclusive night soil manure, and chemical fertilizers were used. Primary results show that the production of the plot where exclusive night soil manure was used is 8.3% more than plot where chemical fertilizer was used. The produce was also 47% more than that in the plot with compost.

The programme, initiated by sub-divisional officer (SDO) Ayush Prasad of Khed taluka, will be replicated in the entire district once the final results from DOGR come in. “The yield will be thoroughly checked by DOGR and they will also define a processing method for implementation,” Prasad said.

State coordinator for UNICEF Yusuf Kabir said that the programme is aimed to further incentivize the Swachh Bharat Mission. “With SDO Prasad, we have been focusing on promoting twin toilets for manure generation. There is no doubt that the result is encouraging. This will not only motivate families to use the toilet but will also promote the culture of organic farming,” he stated.