Diwali Weather Update for Tamil Nadu and Chennai - Dry and Gloomy weather apt for Festive day celebrations to prevail - An Happy Diwali wishes to all from my heart

By Tamil Nadu Weatherman on 17 Oct 2017 | read

A dry and gloomy perfect weather to prevail on Diwali day on most parts of Tamil Nadu and Chennai. In the case of Chennai, it will be mostly dry, cloudy and gloomy with chance of ocassional slight drizzles here and there. On Diwali day, parts of Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, Ramanathpuram and parts of Nellai district will get some isolated to moderate rains. It wont be heavy only some moderate rains.

For next 4-5 days
I am not in Chennai to post in the coming days and the place i am going does not have data coverage. Hopefully i catch some rains where i go. Hence, i will post the areas which may get light to moderate rains in coming 4-5 days. As the Depression in Bay of Bengal starts to move away towards Odisha / North AP coast, the southern and south eastern districts such as Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, Ramanathpuram, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam will get rains for a day or two at some place. Madurai - Sivaganga - Pudukottai will get alteast one day of rains from the outer inflow bands of the system. Chennai will see mostly dry weather in the coming days. Bangalore will see dry weather henceforth with nil rains in the coming days.

Some hope in November - We might see some rains in November - Onset of our monsoon might happen only in end of October or as i said 10 days back in November 1st week.
In overall, not very good days in terms of rainfall in October. This is our monsoon, it doesnt mean, we will end without any rains, there needs to be some rains isnt it eventhough it is going to be a below normal rains particularly for Chennai and coastal district which gets most of the rains during this season. There is somehope in November, though it might not compensate our entire needs, we will get some decent spell of rains. Lets hope it covers atleast 50-60% of our quota. This is our only hope. I will be there to update, as required not only for Chennai for other places as soon as our monsoon rains start.

Wish you all an Happy Diwali. Lets celebrate this Diwali with minimum use of crackers with view of pollution in mind.