District incurs Rs 2.4 crore loss in whirlwind, heavy rain

By Times Of India on 24 Apr 2018 | read
KOZHIKODE: The district has incurred a loss of Rs 2.4 crore following the whirlwind and heavy rain reported in different parts of the district on April 19.
Whirlwind and rain were reported at Koyilandy and Vadakara taluks on Thursday causing severe damage to houses and agriculture crops.

According to the figures available with the district disaster management authority, 400 houses in Vadakara taluk and 91 houses in Koyilandy taluk were damaged following the natural calamity.

The estimated loss suffered following the damage of houses is Rs 50 lakh.

“We have submitted the preliminary as well as the final report on the damages caused by the whirlwind,” said P P Krishnankutty, deputy collector, disaster management.

Report on crop loss and loss suffered following the damage for KSEB lines and poles have also been submitted, the official said.

Various agriculture crops, including coconut and plantain, were destroyed in the whirlwind. According to official figures, the total loss incurred following crop loss is Rs 155 lakh.

The district revenue authorities have also estimated a loss of Rs 31 lakh following the damage suffered by electricity poles and cables.

Meanwhile, the district disaster management authority has identified relief shelters and camps to relocate coastal residents in case of emergency following the high tide reported along the Kozhikode coast on Sunday.

Sea erosion was reported at Marad, Chaliyam, Beypore, Gotheeswaram, Vadakara, Koyilandy, and other coastal areas on Sunday night.

District collector has alerted fisherfolk to stay away from fishing till Tuesday evening following alert regarding the possibilities of high waves and strong wind.

Fishermen in the district are also advised not to indulge in fishing from the coastline as high waves up to three metres is warned during high tide.

Tourists and beach-goers are also alerted to stay away from the waves. Officials of coastal villages are directed to stay alert during night hours.

“As per the latest alert by Indian metrological department, the storm is away from Kozhikode coast,” said the deputy collector (disaster management).

However, all arrangements are in place to ensure swift action on receiving any alert, he added.