District gears up for monsoon

By TheHindu on 29 May 2018 | read

The district administration has directed all department heads to intensify pre-monsoon preparatory measures.

A district emergency centre will function round-the-clock at the collectorate. Apart from equipping the centre with phone and online connectivity, the service of police and fire force personnel will also be ensured.


The centre has been entrusted with coordinating various departments in the event of an emergency. The centre may be reached at the toll free number 1073, 0484-2423513, 79022-00300, 79022-00400.

The Social Justice Department has been asked to arrange for the lodging and dining of the destitute sleeping along roads, shop verandas and bus stations.


Panchayat deputy director, district poverty alleviation unit, minor irrigation department, and Haritha Keralam officials have been asked to clean waterbodies and preserve water. Steps will also be taken to ensure that the message of rainwater conservation reaches the people.

Dangerous trees

The District Collector has ordered property owners to remove dangerous trees and branches on their plots. Those not complying with the directive will be held responsible for damage caused by tree falls besides being held liable to pay compensation. Local bodies have been asked to remove dangerous trees and branches within their jurisdiction. A committee comprising the Local Self-Government Department Secretary, Village Officer, Forest Range Officer and Social Forestry Ranger Officer has been constituted for the purpose.

The Irrigation Department has been asked to inspect and fortify sea walls wherever required.

The Local Self-Government Department has been entrusted with removing obstacles beneath bridges and culverts in high range areas to ensure the smooth flow of water. Boards warning against the parking of vehicles near water channels will be erected. Private quarry owners will be asked to fence quarries.

The Regional Transport Officer has been instructed to ensure mandatory rest and distribution of tea to drivers of tanker lorries being operated between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

School buildings

The Education Department has been asked to ensure the safety of school buildings. The safety of all hospital buildings will also be ensured.