Diseases Of Black Pepper

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 28 May 2016 | read

Phytophthora foot rot / quick wilt  (Phytopthora capsici)


Four types of symptoms can be seen

Leaf infection

Water soaked lesions with fimbriate margin develop from margins of leaves or in the centre of the leaf. The defoliation occurs in severe infection.

Die back

The aerial branches get infected at any point. At the site of infection of branch, the discoloration occurs and rotting progress upwards and downwards resulting in die-back symptoms. The lateral branches of the affected vines break off at the nodes and fall off.

Foot rot or Collar rot

The stem near the ground level get infected and the rotting and death of vine occurs with in 2-3 weeks. The affected portion emits bad odour. The necrosis progress down wards to the underground stem and to the root system.

Root rot

The infection starts at main root or at feeder root. The leaves become yellow and defoliate.


Selection of healthy nursery material.

Provide good drainage.

The tender runner shoots and leaves in the ground should be pruned off to avoid direct contract to the soil.

Application of neem cake and Trichoderma viride or P. fluorescens.