Director Of Extension, Pjtsau Visit To Kvk, Rudrur On 26-10-2018


Dr. D. Raji Reddy, Director of Extension visits Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Rudrur adopted and Non-adopted villages Image title

Dr. D. Raji Reddy, Hon'ble Director of Extension and Dr. R. Uma Reddy, Associate Director of Research, Northern Telangana Zone visited adopted village of KVK, Rudrur "Takli" and interacted with the farmers regarding various activities taken up by KVK, Rudrur in the village. Dr. D. Raji Reddy expressed elation on the farmers feedback regarding impact of KVK, Rudrur services on the farmers like reduction in fertilizer usage, basal application of phosphorus fertilizer instead of mixing with Zn and top dressing, in time pest and disease management practices, distribution of soil health cards and introduction of improved varieties. While appreciating the farmers integrity and interest for the development of their own village Dr. D. Raji Reddy suggested KVK Scientists to take initiation to develop village as Model Village by establishing rythu clubs, information center, initiating seed production programme in bengal gram, displaying fertility map, allotting RAWEP students and initiating other developmental activities with proper convergence of agri and allied departmental officials. Also suggested Smt. Jyothsna, Agriculture Officer, Kotagiri and Kaveri, AEO to adopt "Takli" village and visit the village once in a week on fixed day. Dr. D. Raji Reddy emphasize the farmers to meet the needs of the village as a whole like procurement of seed, implements, godowns, marketing needs etc. through rythu clubs instead of individually. 

Dr. R. Uma Reddy addressed the farmers on the management of wilt in bengalgram and guided the farmer to go for seed treatment with Trichoderma and Teubuconazole. Also Dr. R. Uma Reddy informed the farmers, the source of availability of quality Trichoderma while appreciating the farmers for following the KVK, Rudrur services. Late the team proceeded to Raghu Ram Prasad field in non adopted village "Narsapur" where different Rice minikit varieties WGL-915, WGL-962, KNM-733, KNM-1638, JGL-24423, IR-93R along with seed drill sown rice (var. Ganga Kaveri) with different seed rate viz. 12, 15, 18 kg/acre. Dr. D. Raji Reddy got impressed on the crop performance of seed drill sown rice where the yield is expected 35 q/acre and also suggested KVK, Rudrur to organize training programme on weed management in coordination with Principal Scientist Weed Management, PJTSAU. Later appealed all the farmers to adopt the technology learning from Raghu Ram Prasad and disseminate further in a large scale. The varietal characteristic of all the rice minikits given by PJTSAU were also observed and appreciated. 

At village "Kopperga hangarga" Dr. D. Raji Reddy and Dr. R. Uma Reddy interacted with farmers who reaped high yields 18 q/ha. in soybean BASAR variety given under cluster frontline demonstration kharif 2018 in a cluster of 16 ha. Inquiring the farmers Dr. D. Raji Reddy got to know about KVK, Rudrur initiatives like installment of pheromone traps for the control of Spodoptera sps, complete integrated management practices and conducting the field day in a bigger way with which the farmers got highly satisfied. 

Team visited mechanized transplanted rice OFTs at Rudrur which were about to harvest and obtained the farmers feedback on various aspects from the farmer Sri B.Gajender. 

Dr. D. Raji Reddy and Dr. R. Uma Reddy observed KVK instructional farm and provided suggestions for the improvement of different demo units. While inspecting the office records, registers and technical programme of each scientists, appreciated the scientists for well maintenance of data registers and suggested to maintain movement register and renovate rythu vasathi gruham.