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Digital Panchayat is a functional and dynamic digital platform and working station designed and created for each and every Panchayat in India, powered by Internet. The objective is to facilitate and improve Panchayat functioning on day-to-day basis, through two way flow of information and content. The goal is to realise various development objectives at grassroots level. 

Digital Panchayat programme is a national initiative of Digital Empowerment Foundation and National Internet Exchange of India ( Dept of IT, Govt. of India)


why Digital Panchayat?

To empower citizens of every panchayat with  bottom up and top down information and content;

To improve development and governance public service delivery at Panchayat level through information on policy programmes and implementation;

Create a  digital data house at every Panchayat level ;

To facilitate growth of Panchayat economy through promotion of Panchayat tourism, e-commerce of local produce;

To put every Panchayat on the global digital map;

To generate an ICT environment in every panchayat;

To give fillip to the Right to Information campaign.


Digital Panchayat Component

A comprehensive and dynamic local language content online platform

Integrated digital platform for panchayat demography, society, culture, geography, history & economy

A bilingual or multilingual information platform

e-trade and e-commerce platform

Local e-tourism platform

Online public grievance redressal forum

Local online resource center

Online communication and information networking platform

An e-Governance platform

A digital data storehouse


Digital Panchayat Activities

Develop a comprehensive Panchayat Digital Platform

To train Panchayat representatives in IT skills & management of Panchayat platform

Generation of Panchayat content

Regular updation and maintenance of Panchayat content