Despite Drought, Horatti Gets Good Yield Of Jowar

By TheHindu on 26 Jun 2015 | read

The former Minister Basavaraj Horatti andVice-Chancellor of the UAS, Dharwad,R.R. Hanchinal at the former's farm at Chabbi near Hubli on Sunday.— Photo: Kiran BakaleAt a time when the State is reeling under drought, the former Minister and JD (S) leader Basavaraj Horatti has been able to get a good yield of jowar at his farm at Chabbi near Hubli.

The former minister Horatti follows multi-cropping system at his farm.

He has adopted rainwater harvesting and vermi-composting systems.

The Nandyal variety of jowar, which usually grows up to a height of 10 to 12 ft, has grown up to 14 ft this time.

Mr. Horatti told presspersons at his farm on Sunday that as he has adopted rainwater harvesting method besides 90 per cent of organic manure (which he gets from the dung collected from his dairy), he has got a good yield of jowar this time. He said that he has adopted rainwater harvesting system in his 33 acre-farm by way of building check dams, rainwater harvesting pits and recharge pits. Besides that, there is enough water that can be drawn from borewells for irrigating the land. Mr. Horatti said that the Nandyal jowar (basically a jowar variety from Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh), commonly called as ‘dodda jola’ or ‘kanjola’ by the farmers would be ready for harvesting in 140 to 145 days. The yield would be 8 to 10 quintals per acre besides two tractor load of fodder. According to Mr. Horatti, red gram could be grown along with Nandyal jowar.

To a query, he said that integrated farming could be more useful to farmers instead of just sticking to one particular crop.

He said apart from growing jowar on 12 acres of land, he had also planted various fruit-bearing plants and teak plants at the farm where 110 cattle heads are being reared for milk.

Cow varieties like Jersey, H.F., Red Sindhi, Gir, Deoni, Malnad Gidda and Kilari and buffalo varieties like Murra, Jafrabadi and Surati are being reared at the farm.

Mr. Horatti said that the agricultural universities should popularise multiple cropping system, integrated farming methods to make farming more viable.

Vice-Chancellor of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, R.R. Hanchinal, JD (S) leader N.H. Konaraddi and HDMC councillor Rajanna Koravi were among those who visited the farm.

‘Red gram can be grown along with Nandyal jowar’

‘Agricultural universities must popularise multiple cropping system’