Despite crop loss, 4 farmers produce quality seeds

By TheHindu on 28 Mar 2017 | read
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Despite 100 per cent crop loss in the district following the failure of north east monsoon, four farmers won the appreciation of the district administration for helping the agriculture department with production of quality seeds of paddy, minor millets and oil seeds in their seed farms.

There were 260 seed farm farmers in the district and they played a major role in distributing quality seeds to the farmers through the department by producing quality seeds in their farms, following guidelines and adapting new technologies.

This season, when almost one lakh farmers lost their crops, few of the seed farm farmers rose to the occasion and helped the seed certification department with supplying quality seeds, using the available bore well water and won the appreciation of Collector S. Natarajan.

The Collector honoured the farmers with shields at the farmers’ grievance redressal meeting held here recently. The farmers who received the honours were P. Ramakrishnan and Sasivarnam for producing paddy seeds, Karupanan for producing minor millets seeds and Thirumurugan for groundnut seeds.

When farmers who had cultivated paddy lost their crops following the failure of monsoon, those cultivated drought resistant minor millets such as samai (little millet), varagu (kodo millet), ragi, thinai and kudiraivali (barnyard millet) reaped good harvest, S. S. Shaiek Abdullah, Assistant Director of Seed Certification, said.

During this season, 604 hectares of seed farms were registered for raising quality seeds of paddy, minor millets, pulses and oil seeds. The department has procured 264 tonnes of paddy seeds, of which 220 tonnes were ready for seed certification and tagging, he said.

While 2.5 tonnes of certified seeds of minor millets were ready for distribution, 7 tonnes of pulses and 4 tonnes of groundnut seeds were ready for certification process, he added. This was the first time, the department has supplied certified seeds of minor millets, he added.

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