Demonstration On Composting Of Sericulture Waste At Vasappanadoddi And Balepura Villages Of Kanakapura Taluk Under Farmers First Project


Demonstration on composting of mulberry stalks, leaves and leftover after silkworm feeding including silkworm litter and other farm wastes was conducted on 03.01.2019 at Vasappanadoddi and Balepura villages of Kanakapura Taluk under Farmers FIRST Project. Composting of sericulture waste using microbial consortium (Arka Decomposer) was demonstrated in the field of Mr. Sunil S/o Nagaraja Naik at Vasappanadoddi village, Hosadurga Hobli, Kanakapura. Another demonstration on composting of sericulture waste was conducted in the field of Mr. Mahadevaiah S/o Molle Gowda at Balepura village. Dr. B. Balakrishna, Principal Scientist and PI of Farmers FIRST Project coordinated and highlighted the importance and need of composting of wastes generated from silkworm rearing. Dr. D. Kalaivanan, Scientist from the Division of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry and Co-PI of the Farmers FIRST Project has explained the process of fast decomposition of sericulture waste into compost and the benefits of using microbial consortium (Arka Decomposer) in composting sericulture wastes and other crop residues. He further mentioned that all types of crop residues, cattle dung, left over feed material from cattle sheds; house hold food waste, papers, etc can be composted along with sericulture waste and converted to nutrient rich compost.  He has also stressed that non-biodegradable materials like plastics, polybags, tins, aluminium foils, rubber, etc have to be removed from house hold waste before being added to the compost piles. During the demonstration, farmers shared their views and cleared their queries about compost making. About 25 farmers each from Balepura and Vasappanadoddi village were actively participated and benefitted in this demonstration.