Daily Weather Report

By Punjab Agricultural University on 25 Jan 2017 | read




School of Climate Change & Agril. Meteorology


FORECAST FOR 26.01.2017

The weather is expected to remain cloudy with the

possibility of thundershowers/rainfall over Ludhiana

and its adjoining areas during the next 24 hours.

Awaux vwly 24 GMitAW dOrwn luiDAwxw Aqy

iesdy nwl l~gdy BwgW iv~c b~dlvweI bxy rihx Aqy grj

cmk nwl iC~ty/ bwirS pYx dw vI Anumwn hY[

The following observations were recorded today

at the PAU Agromet Observatory:

Minimum Temperature (0730 hr) 9.4 o C

Maximum Temperature (1430 hr) 19.0 o C

Morning Relative Humidity (0730 hr) 90 %

Evening Relative Humidity (1430hr) 60 %

Evaporation (Ending 0830 Today) 2.0 mm

Rainfall (Ending 0830 Today) 0.0 mm

Day Length 10 Hr 32 min