Current Concepts and Frontier Technologies for Conservation and Improvement of Indigenous Dairy Bovine Genetic Resources

Event Information

Start Date: 19-Jul-2018
End Date : 08-Aug-2018
Venue: ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute Southern Regional Station Bengaluru- 560 030

The main objective of the Winter School is to provide an opportunity to scientists, teachers, research workers and specialists working in ICAR institutes, Agricultural/Veterinary Universities and KVKs to update
their knowledge and skills in order to keep abreast with the current concepts and frontier technologies for conservation of indigenous cattle, their productivity enhancement, reproductive efciency improvement, faster multiplication of germ plasm using assisted reproductive technologies along with recent developments in Animal Genetics and Breeding and Reproduction so that the full potential of indigenous cattle are harnessed.

Our country is blessed with huge bovine population reared under diverse production systems and agro-climatic conditions. These indigenous breeds have been developed in thousands of years through natural selection and human intervention, therefore, well adapted in their respective habitat. They are also known
for their drought tolerance and disease resistance. The
indigenous breeds have the ability to sustain
productivity under low inputs, which makes them a
crucial backbone of the country's rural economy.
However, there has been change in the utility pattern of
these genetic resources which has created a stiffer
competition to the local breeds for their survival, which
warrants immediate measures to be taken for their
conservation. Recent knowledge has accumulated
several innovative approaches for conservation of
bovines. Updating knowledge on the recent
developments in indigenous breed conservation and
improvement of their productive and reproductive
performance would help in wider dissemination and
application of frontier technologies to conserve our
valuable germ plasm.The course aims to dwell on state
of the art techniques in bovine genetic resource
conservation, management and improvement under

both theory and practical sessions. Recent techniques
including prote-genomic approach for conservation,
assisted reproductive technologies and skewing sex
ratio towards female offspring for faster multiplication
will also be dealt in the Winter School.