Cultivation of Cinchona in Dodabetta.

By TheHindu on 20 Nov 2017 | read

The Report of the Deputy Director of Agriculture, Cinchona, on the administration of the Madras Cinchona Department for the year 1916-17 shows that the only addition to the area under cinchona cultivation during the year was the opening of 4.92 acres, as an experimental measure, on Dodabetta. The local Government in their order on the report state the question of extending the plantations is awaiting the orders of the Government of India as to the future policy to be adopted in regard to the cultivation of cinchona and manufacture of quinine. The total amount of bark worked up in the Quinine factory was, we note, 1,184,000 lb. as compared with 793,277 lb. in 1915-16.

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