Cucumber No Longer Cool For Ryots

By TheHindu on 02 Dec 2016 | read

Water crisis forces them to opt for cotton cultivation

The severe water crisis faced by Jannaram's cucumber farmers for the first time in several years, seems to have forced them to take to cotton cultivation this kharif.

Shortage of water to irrigate the crop resulted in an abrupt termination of the season in mid-May, a month ahead of the regular time.

Cultivated in 2 seasons

The famous Jannaram cucumber is cultivated in about 250 acres in Indhanpalli, Kalamadugu and Morrigudem in Jannaram mandal in both the kharif and rabi seasons. The second crop is more popular as it hits the market in the thick of the summer. “We had to uproot all the creepers as the crop dried owing to water shortage. All our open wells dried up this season and water was released in the Kadem canal a bit late,” complained Pindi Kondaiah of Indanpalli.

“I am cultivating cotton this season to put the land under productive use,” said Mingeni Sathaiah, another farmer from Indanpalli. “I hope to make up for the loss incurred in cucumber cultivation,” he hoped. Though only a handful of farmers cultivate the famous Jannaram cucumbers, they reaped in good profits.


The yield of about 40 quintals of the fruit in every acre helped them export the produce even to markets in Maharashtra, besides keeping the season alive even until June-end.