Crop Yield Competition Winner In Organic Paddy Cultivation

By TamilNadu Agricultural University on 05 May 2016 | read

Mr. Thalapathy, worked as a school teacher and served as a village president for a period. He owns about 10 acres of land. His positive thinking and care for the consumer’s health of his product made him convert his growing practice to organic for the past 9 years and got organic certification about 4 years back. He says his lands position along the canals all three sides and almost barren land on the other side avoids any risk to his organic cultivation.

He cultivates ADT 46, CR 1009 and BPT as a seed farm ryots. He adds he become a seed farm ryots thinking in future when all farmers get aware of organic farming and its benefits, they will search for pure organic seeds to grow their crops.  Organic certifying committee also sends inspector to field frequently for audit. Neighbour and known organic farmers are made to make internal audit.

He transplants his seedlings through transplanter and harvests the paddy through machine harvester. This is happening because of the lack of agricultural labourer and interruption of Nooru naal velai thittam.

He gives FYM before every transplant, often grow nitrogenous cover crop and plough it before transplant.

Rat menance is controlled by Kitty process.  He does not face any pest or disease problem for all the years he started to practice organic cultivation. The problem of pest and disease infestation reduced gradually as the years increased. In case of any traces of insects or diseases on field, he ignores it or sometimes remove that particular transplant alone and incinerate it.

He recorded 8.5 tons /acre in ADT 46 and won second place in crop yield competition during 2011. He continues to get the same yield all the time.