Cow urine generates a cracker of an idea

By Times Of India on 24 Apr 2019 | read
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NEW DELHI: In a scientific 'breakthrough' that will certainly gladden the hearts of people of two hues — the saffron brigade and the green or eco warriors — a team of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) in Mohali has developed 'green' crackers using distilled cow urine.

Bladdering idea: These crackers made from cow urine are cheaper than the smoke-free, fragrance-based crackers out of plastic bottles developed by the same team last year.

Crackling chemistry: According to Prof Samrat Ghosh, a chemical scientist at IISER, the idea of using cow urine came due to the multiplicity of claims of its benefits, which the team decided to explore.

Mohali scientist makes fireworks with cow urine

Ghosh claims that the use of urine has reduced the cost of these green crackers by 50% — prompting the institute to consider mass production of these crackers under the aegis of IISER's technology business incubator scheme.

Green envy: Ghosh, who also led the team that developed the 'green' crackers from plastic bottles, claims that the eco-friendly crackers developed by National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) — which are expected to get approval by the end of April — won't really help in curbing pollution as they only emit less smoke and aren't smokeless.

The NEERI crackers, he says, will only reduce PM2.5 emissions by 25-30% unlike the cow urine base crackers that will be smoke-free, PMfree and debris-less. Considering that Diwali is still more than 6 months away, the p(r)oof of the pudding will be known only then!
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