Cost Effective Shade Net House

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Cost Effective Shade Net House

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Shri Jagnnath Gangaram Tayade

A/P Ladsavangi, Taluq & District Aurangabada, Maharashtra
(Mobile : 09421313616)

Age: 50 years
Education: 10 std
Landholding: 7.2 ha
Farming experience: 27 Years
Crops grown: Cotton, maize, sweet  orange seed  production of  capsicum, tomato  and water melon 
Livestock: Cow and buffaloes

Description of innovation

Shade net house was developed by Shri. Jagnnath Tayade  from locally available iron material. Total height of the shade net  house is 6m from center place, Length is 36 m and width is 24 m.  The shade net house requires wire ropes. Here the obstacles within  shade net are negligible which helps for smooth intercultural  operations and easy movement of labour as compared to  recommended one.

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Practical utility of innovation

This type of shade net house is suitable for growing heighted crops like capsicum, tomato, chili, etc. This shade net house sustains wind speed up to 80 km/hr and is economically viable as the total cost required to construct is Rs 60000 which become 30% less than the recommended technology and rain water is drained easily due to doom shape structure. At present 15 farmers had adopted this type of structure on 0.10 ha each and are taking seed production programme of capsicum and tomato

Source : AME Foundation