Corpn to meet farmers to promote compost production

By Times Of India on 09 Dec 2017 | read
Coimbatore: The city corporation will soon hold a meeting with the farmers in the district to promote the production of compost. Bulk waste generators such as hoteliers, wedding halls and others will also be asked to produce compost from waste. The meeting will be held next week by the corporation officials.

According to Sathyamurthy of Coimbatore Integrated Waste Management Limited, the central government was providing incentive of Rs 1,500 to those who sold compost to the fertilizer companies listed and recognised by it. "But the Madras Fertilizers Limited was purchasing very little compost from us. After various representations, we were allowed to sell compost to private parties as well. Following this, not just the purchasing of compost went up but also our production increased," he said.

Earlier, only 8 to 10 tonnes of compost was produced on a daily basis at the dump yard. But now, 40 tonnes is being produced at the dump yard. Currently, the company has an order for 3,000 tonnes of compost. "In the last two months alone, we have produced 600 tonnes of compost. Our generation has gone up five-fold due to the demand. But we need to promote it in the local market also. Farmers can also benefit from this," he said.

Saravana Kumar, executive engineer of west zone and in-charge of solid waste management, Coimbatore Corporation, said that they plan to hold meetings with all the farmers of the district.

"Experts from the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University will also be invited to provide expertise on compost production. Bulk waste generators can produce compost at the sites and even residents can produce it. We will work to market it to the farmers who can purchase it at nominal rates," said Saravana Kumar. Apart from this, the city corporation has also been producing compost and selling it to farmers in certain wards.

Currently, the company is selling compost at Rs 2.5/kg. "All the information regarding compost production and sales will be put up on the website," said Sathyamurthy. He added that the Coimbatore Corporation owed them Rs 35 crore as pending dues.