Cool mix of tender coconut and palm

By TheHindu on 18 Jun 2017 | read

Akshaya Sai Tender Juice Bar in Manappakkam, near Porur, offers a concoction of tender coconut and palm fruit, a cool option to beat the heat.

It offers 80 varieties of juices, each mixed with tender coconut water.

“In an attempt to try something different, I tried mixing juices with various ingredients and finally settled on ‘tender palm’,” says Bala Ragavan, the owner. The tender palm mix is sold in two quantities, one at Rs.70 and the other at Rs.120.

The store also has seasonal fruits such as kiwi, papaya and dragon fruit. Tender coconut is mixed with rare fruits such as litchi and common fruit juices such as mango, custard and apple. “Tender coconut’s health benefits are numerous,” adds Ragavan.

It has earned the name ‘Ice Apple’ among the customers because of its cooling effect.

“This juice is a natural coolant and is suited for the season too,” says a regular customer. The shop has a branch at Vadapalani.